Sunday, 25 April 2010


Me going 4 coffee...

I was not sure about uploading my photos in the blog but then I thought :"Why not?"....

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Theatre design student Annabelle is in love with classic Edwardian and 1950’s era clothes. Although her favourite designer is the Australian designer Willow, who is a lot more contemporary. Annabelle says, ” I like her (Willow) interpretation of the natural world and its all very elegant”. Annabelle is wearing a 1950’s skirt, which was originally made for a theatre production and Annabelle modified from a dress. It was given to Annabelle by a friend of her mother. The elegant jacket is circa 1910, the heels are from ASOS. That’s what I call getting good wear out of clothes.


This week Spitafields in East London plays host to Alternative Fashion Week.

Monday, 19 April 2010


I recommend visiting France in the fall and spring, if possible. September and October are ideal. The weather is lovely, and the Parisians are fresh from their month long summer vacation, feeling renewed. The whole city feels invigorated at this time of year. The spring is equally as beautiful.

When traveling in the summer, keep in mind that you will be one of many, many tourists. School trips, university students, families on summer break, are all sharing the same space. This is not necessarily a bad thing nor a deterrent, but something to keep in mind. If I were to go in the summer, I would probably pick June or July. June’s weather is lovely, and in July you have Bastille Day (July 14) and the Tour de France all month long. August is wonderful if you don’t like crowds, as most Parisians are on vacation during this month. This means that some, but not all, businesses and shops are closed. You will probably get a better hotel rate in August as well.

The weather in the summer months can vary from downright chilly to very hot. If visiting in the summer, it might be worthwhile to find a hotel with air conditioning in case of a heat wave.

The winter months are enjoyable in that they are virtually tourist-free. The downside is that the gardens aren’t in bloom, there is no more dining “en plein air” and it can be rather rainy.

The thing is that you have so many things to do, that in order to see Paris you must LIVE Paris... The must see in Paris are numerous for example you have to see the sacre coeur church,the Notre dame Cathedral,the Louvre,the tour eiffel,the Arc de Triomph,the Disneyland and many more....

One thing is for sure....In Paris you will never get a flight.....!!!!!!!!!!


Polka dots are so amazing....Every one of us should have an item with polka dots...It's not just the fact that they are so adorable...Dots are VINTAGE...!!!

Sunday, 18 April 2010


She's just 4 but she already owns the world.....Little S we do love u.....


Eveline was studying English in London and was on the way to the photo agency PYMCA who have a selection of my street style images. Eveline told me, ” I don’t understand why more people don’t wear hats, because, what I am wearing would be less interesting without a hat”. Well as the saying goes, “if the hat fits, then wear it”.


Sarah was on the way for a job interview, when I noticed her combination of Zara men’s cardi, H&M men’s shirt, Uniqlo jeans and Zara desert boots, accessorized with some nice jewellery and vintage belt . Sarah had originally studied English at university, has tried a bit of modelling, but now decided to go the other side of camera and study fashion photography. That’s what I call well grounded and I wish her all the luck in the world.

Sunday, 11 April 2010


They call it style but we call it CHANEL!