Saturday, 6 April 2013

New Bag Addiction!!!!!!

Dear followers and not,

At last the sun is up and as it seems it will be quite sunny from now on...My mood hits high levels of happiness and I can't stop listening to happy-cheerful songs.So this post is all about brightness and bright talent!!!

My new obsession are all those bags above thanks to Elissavet Mavrogenni!I came across her facebook page about two months ago and the truth is that I wish I could have every single piece of her remarkable work..

Her stamb is the bow-bags and the bright colors.By the time I entered her page I started searching for the perfect bag to buy but that frustrated me a lot because..well they are all PERFECT!What bothers me is that Elissavet lives and works in Athens and that's a hour hour drive from where I live but by the time I'll get there I'll definately pay a visit to her work studio!

So if you share the same feelings as I do for her great work just click here, like her page and just pick your gem-bag!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend...



Friday, 5 April 2013

Nude is THE new thing!!!

Dear followes and not,

These days I'm in search of a new pair of heals and the one thing I can say for sure is that NUDE is the new MUST-have...Personally I'm not a heals-person but I can't resist on a new nude pair of pumps.As I say Nude is the new Black...Fits with every outfit and instantly gives it the desirable glam and class...!So I definately suggest that a pair of nude heals is a classic-safe choice for every girl that wants to stand out..;)