Thursday, 15 March 2012

Dog Days Are Over....Or will Be..:)

Dear followers and not,

It's like a was lost in a hideous dimension and I couldn't come back to reality...This last moth I was in a such stressful situation with my exams that I almost got sick...And then I realised that indeed everything happens for a reason..So I decided that I have to be more optimist than pessimistic as a person..Everything happens for a reason....That's why I don't have long slim legs...:P It took me several months to accept the fact that I can't wear shorts but on the other hand I can compromise with the idea of cute dresses...And then again I though "What if I were Miroslava Duma?"..I would be attending fashion shows and I would be able to make fashion my profession something I can't do now with my poor connections..But still I've got this!!!So even if the dog days are almost over I have a belief that soon there gonna be over for GOOD...Enjoy...:D