Friday, 29 October 2010

Freja Beha Erichsen

What a model??She's the new something..Even though she has been many years in that job I believe that she hasn't been given all the recognition she deserves..Her face is soo expressive and her look soo strong that made every designer use her at their campaigns..She looks sometimes fragile but other times she looks totally rock..Love the way she changes her look but absolutely love her unique face..;))

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

BOWS~We like them..!!!

What can be more cute than some beautiful bows..???I soo love them...It's an accessorie that makes every girl look cuter and sweeter but if you don't really know how to wear them bows make u look like an EMO..:P So I stronlgy recommend them but pay a little more attention to the way you wear them..:))

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Shoulder Bags

As a woman I have an absolute obsession with bags..Of course I love them
all..Clutches,oversized bags,tiny bags but I definately have a thing this period with shoulder bags..They are so comfy and classy at the same time soo that makes me want to buy a new bag every week-thing that doesn't happen of course-but my new bag first in the list is a ted baker one that definately till Xmas it's gonna be mine..;)
Well enjoy my favourites shoulders bags that I found at the site of Vogue Italia..Actually check this site because it is definately amazing..;)



P.S:the girl at the second pic is me..The pic is kinda summer-y- but the bag is my favourite this period and I really love her..;)I wear this bag all the time...

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Audrey Hepburn~The Icon

One of a kind to say the very least, Audrey Hepburn came to Hollywood, skinny, with bushy eyebrows and rat-gnawed bangs-- yet she changed the definition of class and glamour for a generation and the effects can still be seen today. But Audrey was not a fashion model. Besides a pretty face, she was a fine actress and scored hits in several romantic comedies as well as a few dramas-- overall earning five Best Actress Nominations.
Actually that girl had something..It wasn't that she the most beautiful girl at Hollywood by that time but she was the most adorable creature Hollywood ever experienced..She made all men inevitably love her and she made all girls to want to be her..Breakfast at Tiffany's, Roman Holiday,Funny Face are some of her great successes...Audrey might have passed away but her myth still lives..;)

Friday, 22 October 2010


Dear followers and not...
Today I was walking on the street and I saw the most amazing girl passing by...She was wearing the most amazing lace dress I've ever seen..Whity oldy amazing sweet of mine..!!!Absolutely made me think of all the jazz songs I like...I know that sounds a kind of weird but let's just say that I am a hopeless romantic that every perfection that catches my eye awakes the best memories and moments I've been through..So I really hope u like this post because I strongly believe that we should start loosing a bit because all this stress in our lives will just make us look OLDER...:PP(quite irrelevant but I just wanted to point that out.. ;P )