Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bikini addiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back then is was more like this...

Today is more like this...

Dear followers and not,

I'm soo furious because I just realised that summer is already here in greece and I desperately need a new bikini...So I started looking at some bikini pics at the and I found the most amazing vintage bikini-photos ever!!!The thing is that today I tried one bikini at the Oysho store-which I adored- but unfortunately it didn't fit..So despite my saddness I decided that my new post should be about bikinis..:)

P.S:right now I'm listening a song called Champs Elysees and I already feel happier...
Have a nice day:))



Sunday, 22 May 2011

Rachel McAdams

Dear followers and not,

By the time I saw her at the red carpet at Cannes I knew that I should definately make a post about her..Rachel is a true beauty!Her face is so unique and expressive that nobody cared about her not so chic stylish choices she used to make..The thing is that Rachel obviously finally has found her personal style at last and I must say that I really like her new dressing code!!Loved all her appearences at the Cannes festival..But even she couldn't match her dress with her shoes I would still love her..Who can forget the Notebook movie?Or even more who can forget the kissing scene which was awarded with an MTV(I should point out)..Anyway I could go on like this for hours..Hope u'll love her too if not already..:)

Have a great day!!!

Monday, 16 May 2011


Dear followers and not,

......even if u feel beautiful outside we all have the urge to feel beautiful from the inside too...So a great pair of lingerie is always a pleasure for every girl...Personally I'm more a romantic one so my lingerie choices are more close to silk and pink stuff..Enjoy!!!!!


Angie :)