Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Kate Moss photographed by Willy Vanderperre in “Basic Instinct” for Vogue U.K.

Kate Moss...two words, one model , thousands pictures definately art...
Love her...



Thursday, 26 August 2010

Paris Beauty

It's all about attitude and wheather you've got it or not...It's so amazing to walk on the streets and see all those beautiful persons passing by..Maybe they're not preety at all or maybe they are, but their way of walking and dressing make you to turn your glimpse on them...I really adore sitting at a cafe -drinking my fredo cappuccino- and just starring at people passing by...And you know why??Because people are amazing...!!!



P.S:To my good friend Dora who -I'm sure- adores simple and chic...;))

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Future Vintage

Amee is wearing her Grandmothers 1960s stole and the jacket is a 1940s. It was found in a factory during a ‘dead stock’ sale. It had never been worn and Amee was thrilled to get it as a birthday present from a friend. I love the embroidery, colourful buttons and detail on the jacket. The contemporary skirt is by Olga de Polga and holds the whole look together nicely.

Multi-talented “Turntable goddesses” Amber and Nisha, told me that they usually dress the same when they DJ. Amber says her look is inspired by Charlie Chaplin. But the girls both agreed. “You could say we are like the Dolly Sisters“. Find out more about this delightful Female duo @ The Broken Hearts.

P.S:I dedicate this post to my good friend Alexander Androulidakis -whose taste is just 'hot'- because I know that he's gonna love it...

Friday, 20 August 2010

Up for sweets???

Hello my beloved followers and not...
Today I woke up and I had a pretty big desire for sweets..Of course my mother had nothing of that to eat so I googled the word "cupcakes"-which in my opinion they're not just delicious but they are absolutely beautiful in every way- and I just stood hours looking and dreaming of them..And after that suddenly I imagined myself sitting in a tiny-cosy coffee shop drinking coffee and I was soo thrilled that winter is actually close because I’ve really missed a cold day..So all the pics above are quite similar to “my mood of today”…
ENJOY my little fellows..;)))

Monday, 16 August 2010

Romantic Mood

Today I woke up and I felt that I was in such a romantic mood...I don't know why but all the romantic thoughts came to my mind...And then I visited the wehaertit site and everything got worse...Oh God!!!How can some pictures move u soo strong..???I found amazing photos -but still they are tones of them- so I'm only posting some of them...I really hope u like my new post and I dedicate it to all the 'uncurable' romantic ones...

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Today I was just surfing in the net and I was looking and looking at some amazing pics in WEHEARTIT site and I was sooo thrilled with some of them so I decided to upload them..They are random pics but I adore them...Hope u like them too...