Thursday, 26 August 2010

Paris Beauty

It's all about attitude and wheather you've got it or not...It's so amazing to walk on the streets and see all those beautiful persons passing by..Maybe they're not preety at all or maybe they are, but their way of walking and dressing make you to turn your glimpse on them...I really adore sitting at a cafe -drinking my fredo cappuccino- and just starring at people passing by...And you know why??Because people are amazing...!!!



P.S:To my good friend Dora who -I'm sure- adores simple and chic...;))


  1. Paris... <3
    "All about attitude", so right!
    This city has the style, the attitude!
    woooah that's amazing, U speak pretty well spanish! I'm sure u're gonna learn it so fast! as you see I dont speak english very well, hope to improve it soon. I'm going to London in 6 days, really can't wait. aaw u don't talk too much I'm always talking and writting a lot, that'ws good :D hahaha
    lovley streetstyles, love the little chick, so sweet <3

  2. great streetstyle, j'adore paris!


  3. I totally agree with you! I love Paris so fucking much. I'm going to Paris on September and October (for Paris Fashion Week) and I can't wait!!!
    Really like the pics girl (:
    take care,

  4. great post!!!xoxo