Friday, 20 August 2010

Up for sweets???

Hello my beloved followers and not...
Today I woke up and I had a pretty big desire for sweets..Of course my mother had nothing of that to eat so I googled the word "cupcakes"-which in my opinion they're not just delicious but they are absolutely beautiful in every way- and I just stood hours looking and dreaming of them..And after that suddenly I imagined myself sitting in a tiny-cosy coffee shop drinking coffee and I was soo thrilled that winter is actually close because I’ve really missed a cold day..So all the pics above are quite similar to “my mood of today”…
ENJOY my little fellows..;)))


  1. if feel exactly the same i miss cold days...
    the cupcakes are yummyyyyyyyyy

  2. I love your blog, with good pictures :)

    I'm follower of your amazing blog !

  3. aaww sweet pics!
    you know how much I love ur blog, thanks for ur amazing comment! <3