Thursday, 5 August 2010

Back at Last-Vintage editorial photoshoot

The sunny, summer’s day set goes perfectly with the blooming cherry blossoms in this Gloss Magazine Ireland spread. Shot by photographer Olivia Graham, the models are captured in their most gorgeous light. With a hint of a vintage vibe, the faded colors give off a hazy loving feel, contributing to the flirty dynamics between the couple.

These red-lipped retro looks in the Gloss Magazine Ireland editorial are definitely looking gorgeous and classy.

P.S:I'm back at last...Sorry for not posting anything lately but my vacations kept longer than I expected...Now I'm back for good and I soo happy because I couldn't stand a minute longer in my mams village...I now relaxation helps but the over-relaxation almost killed me...!!!Sooo lets start posting again..!!


  1. aaaargh gorgeous shoot and gorgeous man- he has an aaron ekhaart quality

  2. thanks darling....vlaka tou moiazei polu....!!

  3. beautiful images!!!xoxo