Monday, 28 June 2010

Vacations just began..Volume 1:Parga!

Hi again....Sorry for not posting things lately but just today I've finished my exams and I'm soooo happy....Finally I'm going on vacations...Next saturday I'm going to Athens and then to Zakunthos(an amazing greek island)...So till saturday I intend to post things almost every day....!!!!

Last saturday I Finally went to the sea..So my post is about Parga,a place near the city I study and I figured out that Parga is such a beautiful place that deserves to be uploaded...Enjoy...!!!
P.S:the girl with the scarf in her head is my little sister...I tried hard to persuade her to wear it the way she does...I don't know but it seems so stylish to my eyes even thought it's not that formal...:))


  1. beautiful place!!!xxx

  2. Wooow,so beautiful pics!!
    I wanna go there,too.
    Great vacation.

  3. to agapw auto to meros ! kouklaki h sister !