Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Ballet magic...

Hi again...Yesterday I had a really tough day and I was kinda moody and then I sat in front of my pc and thought:"ok you re not in the best mood so..."???The answer was "Ballet photos"..I found the most amazing-romantic photos ever and I was soo thrilled and soo taken away by the beauty of the pics that instantly my mood was really impoved..Don't know exactly why but I really think that the power of a photo can actually make you forget your problems and definately can make u dream of other 'eras".."Era" what a funny little word..;)
P.S:This post is dedicated to my "sister" Vicky who made me think of dancing again..;))


  1. ngawww very pretty romantic happy photos :)
    sounds like a great remedy for a crappy mood!

  2. I do exactly the same with pics of little kittens :)

  3. Beatiful pics. I like staring at pics and getting lost in the scene too.