Tuesday, 28 September 2010

~What makes me happy thoughts~

Ooohhhh...This post is sooo dedicated to my co-blogger friend http://thecommonsuspect.blogspot.com...I'm soo happy she tagged me- in her award post soo I 'm going to inform all my soo beloved followers the 10 things that really make me happy..So as saying..:

1.I adore sitting in a tiny cosy coffee shop listening to my favourite music and just reading a book..
2.It is definately one of my plans that when I start making money of my own I'm going to move to England where I'm going to buy a little cottage somewhere in Cornwall..

3.Adore watching Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice with my cousin Naid-http://stateofgracebynaiad.blogspot.com/ - while we have turned the room into the North Pole(we love to put the airconditioner at the 17 celsius and hook up with some warm blanket)
4.Love listening to jazz music and certainly adore Norah Jones..!
5.I quite adore wearing my new mellissa heals which are so cute that I can't get them off for noo reason...;P
6.I'm practically obsessed with chocolate..I'm in love with chocolatee and all those beautiful chocolate cupcakes...
7.Adore the chanel bag 2.55 and I'm really hoping that some day I'm going to hold her in my very hands...
8.Adore travelling...My new travel goal in New York where I definately want to live for some years...
9.Dream job=Fashion desigher/fashion reporter..Even though I'm studying chemistry I want to do nothing more but copying with fashion...!!
10.CHRISTMAS make me really happy!!Love the whole atmosphere, the shops,the classic 50's songs..I utterly adore the smell of cookies and the sense of the family gathering together..Not even to mention that every christmas my wardrobe gets bigger..I sooo love that little part..;)
P.S:There are so many other things I want to mention but I've got to stop here..!!!
I'm going to tagg some more bloggers that I really love to follow their post almost every day:

Lots of love,




  1. poso gluka ola san ta gluka sokolatas
    sou euxomai kathe sou oneiro na ginei pragmatikothta....

  2. this is one lovely post! see i knew why i tagged you, all of the above are so sweet!
    thanx for the dedication dear!

    kiss kiss*

  3. hey sweetie!!thank u very much !!!!
    muchisimas gracias :D

  4. Hi! i love ur blog!
    quite cool!
    following you!

  5. Oh dear! I've loved this post so freaking much! Happiness is found on very little things of our lives:)
    I feel so realted to Pride &Prejudice too, its my very favourite movie, im looking forward to read the book(L)

    U roock sweetie! sorry i havent been able to comment! Hope ur doing fine!


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