Friday, 17 December 2010

Fashion sketches

Dear followers and not,

Sorry for not posting lately but I was soo busy and I had no spare time at all...So that fact that I am with cold right now, sitting in my sofa and drinking tea made me surf in the and as soon as I saw those adorable sketches I knew that they were meant to be for my blog..They are sketches of Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel,Anlexander McQueen's and etc...Hope u like them..;)



  1. love every single drawing you posted.*

  2. Love how people have their own touch to their sketches, very distinct and sometimes subtle!

  3. Ποπο ειναι καταπληκτικα...Λατρεψα αυτα του McQueen,εκπληκτικα πραγματικα!!
    Περαστικα σου,ελπιζω να εισαι καλυτερα συντομα!!
    Thanks κ για το comment σου!