Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Dear followes and not,

Christmas is around the corner and all I can think about is the presents...I cay say for sure that I DO care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree unlike Mariey..:P
Those days I've struggled enought to clear things up in my mind and decide which will be my gift list and you can be sure that I have made no prossess on that...Anyway what I've decided is that whatever I going to buy I shoulb be happy and just focus on the Xmas spirit for once...It's quite weird for me to say that but the truth is that nomatter what we're gonna buy there will no comparison with the feeling of the family gathered around the Xmas table or the hours we will pass with our friends..So what I say is that buying thing certainly will fill us full of joy but we have to look at the other side of the coin too...




  1. may i have the chanel mixtape??? plzzz angieeeeeeee... xxx <3

  2. I totally agree with what you're saying :)
    Indeed, presents are kind of important, xmas has become some commercial party, we can't deny it.
    But still the feeling of behing together for xmas is unique.

  3. beautiful and inspirational(is that even a word?:D) pictures. very nice blog :)

  4. NICE BLOG :)

    Happy Christmas for:

  5. Ooo this is such a cute post! I love the giant bow in that first photo <33

  6. χρονια πολλα καλα χριστουγεννα !!!!!!!!!!

  7. Gorgeous inspo sweetie! Thanks so much for stopping by! Have an amazing christmas, I wish you the finest gifts and best of food:D

    Love Iben

  8. I hope you´ll get something you hoped for! I will be getting nothing so i ordered myself some stuff at asos haha. merry xmas.

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