Friday, 26 November 2010


Dear friends,

Cold at last...I was soo happy to feel it...It's pouring outside and -although I don't like rain- I feel soo utterly happy sitting in my sofe next to the stove...Ooooo right now I'm listening to Dido's song "Here with me" which actually is one of my favourites because it reminds me of Christmas..And that's because that song was played at "Love Actually" a movie I stongly recommend to all of u...

Kissesss and have a nice cosy day



  1. i really like your blog!!!!
    is so sweet and cozy!
    from now i'm one of your followers!
    cam and visit me if you want!!!

  2. I just looooved the first photo!!

    It was just a bit cold today here, I'm hoping for more!