Thursday, 4 November 2010

Kate Moss~Volume2

There was a reason she was discovered "by accident" while walking in JFK Airport in 1988 -- Kate Moss has a very distinctive beauty. She has amazing almond-shaped eyes and her chiseled face exudes an air of mystery. What also makes Kate's look so original is her gap-toothed smile (which is rarely exposed). Although she doesn't typify our idea of a "beautiful woman," her net worth speaks volumes about her beauty.
She's famous, rich and extremely successful. Thanks to the Calvin Klein ads of the early '90s, her exposure has been tremendous. Kate Moss can be credited for the "waif" comeback that Twiggy popularized in the '60s, by making skinny and frail the body image that women aspired to achieve. But controversy never hurt anyone's career, and Kate's extreme popularity made it seem that being underweight was the standard of beauty.
Now already at her late 30's and she hasn't stop workina at all..She is and she will be the Notorious-Fabulous Queen of the catwalks...




  1. She does have a very unique beauty that goes side by side with the strangeness of her features. But she was terribly damaged by drugs too, unfortunately.

  2. now this is why all of us ADORE Kate...
    I even got tired to write or post on her.
    Everything is shown/told/etc.

    She's a GOddes of fashion <3

  3. love the first picture!

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