Monday, 15 November 2010

You'd better watch out!!!!!!!!!!

Hello my dear followers and not,

Today I'm soo happy because my Teb Baker bag just arrived..But I'm not just happy for the bag but I also am so excited because it's just 40 days till Christmas..All shops have been decorated -or most of them- and I feel so utterly happy because I adore Christmas...Actually I have all the right reasons to love them as everybody else and one more...!!!I was born on 30th of December and as you understand this period as a little girl has been the best of all my childhood....The christmas tree,the presents, the birthday cake...Ohhh.....I'm so looking forward to the 24th of December...
Well it is a truth universally acknowlegded, that when it gets to Christmas I get madly insane from my joyful spirit so don't get puzzled if I start posting things about Xmas from now on...I must warn u...I get vicious....;PP

many many sweet kisses



  1. Beautiful christmas pics!!! Love Christmas, all cities are beautifull, you can enjoy with your family and friends...

    Big kiss

  2. I like you Christmas pictures! Very inspirational. )))

  3. aww these picture are so beautiful....The christmas is right around the corner

  4. this is the 3rd post I've read today about Christmas and has the --best-- pictures!!

    can't wait for the holidays to come!!

    ps: I'd be happy to see all the Xmas post you have in mind!

    nice blog-good to find you!

  5. You'r blog are very cool! and i really love you style..;)