Monday, 10 January 2011

Shoes~Oh,we like them..

Dear Followers and not,

I am soo convinced that I will always be in love with shoes-as most of all of us of course-...High or short,formal or informal they are all soo unique and give to the whole outfit a completely different sense...We are all children of Sex and the City which means that apart from loving sarah Jessica parker,we do all ADORE heels-we could't do otherwise anyway-...Hope U like this post as much I do..:)

Many many sweet kisses.

Angie_girl here...:P


  1. Wow, shoe design is such an art. These could be in museums!

  2. what a lovely post! shoes are like love that keep out toes warm with amazingly hot sass(: haha. thankks so much for your sweet comment! i love your blog its wonderful(: so very much inspiring(:


  3. wow I love this post! I need all of them!

  4. in love with all of them :)

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  5. Ahahha you're right
    even if I'm not the biggest fan of heels, but I love shoes anyway
    love the first ones, they're amazing

    ♥ Marley

  6. Yes, we love shoes!
    I absolutely adore heels (style > comfort anytime), and these are sooo amazing, i just want them all!

  7. those shoes are amazing! I especially love the Miu Miu Clogs, would love to have some of those!
    And no girl can live without shoessss, oh and bagss =D

  8. No no please! ANYTHING BUT SHOES! I need them. I love every single pair. Im in a lack of shoes, and im going shopping this saturday...god. I'm dying for new shoes!


  9. im totally addicted to shoes.

  10. we do love shoes!!! how doesn't!?!? i remember that episode with SJP on sex and the city, when she went to her friends baby party and someone stole her Manolos on the episode ' a woman's right to shoes'!! she stayed 'shoe-less'
    Shoes are important for an outfit!!

    i am a new follower xx

  11. Cannot say love enough about this!

  12. είναι λογικό να τρελαίνομαι τόσο όταν βλέπω ένα ζευγάρι παπούτσια?? ούτε για άνδρα δεν ένιωσα ποτέ αυτό το συναίσθημα!! μπράβο aggela..είναι ένα και ένα τα παπούτσια